Below is the flyer for the upcoming Department of Health and Senior Services(DHSS) meeting on November 15th.

Just Moms STL are providing the flyers but we NEED volunteers to start distributing. If you are available please email Just Moms at and we will let you know where to pick them up.

It would be great if we could get people out this weekend handing them out near Walmart or the Machinist Hall intersections on St Charles Rock Road, or anywhere you can think of.

(Thank you Christen Commuso for making these for us and Just Moms STL for sharing)

You are also welcome to print your own

EPA reaches cleanup decision for West Lake Superfund Site!!

After years of bureaucratic inaction and escalating frustration and concern from the surrounding community, the Environmental Protection Agency has finally settled on a strategy to clean up the radioactive waste at the West Lake Landfill Superfund site in Bridgeton.

Compared with a proposal from earlier this year, the selected remedy is about $30 million cheaper and will be completed about one year faster.

The agency said late Wednesday that it would slightly modify its earlier proposal to partly remove the site’s contamination, employing “more flexibility” by digging to varying depths to target spots where radioactivity is concentrated. The strategy is outlined in a record of decision, set to be signed Thursday morning in Washington by the agency’s acting administrator, Andrew Wheeler.

Story Continues:

The EPA has opened a formal Public Comment period that ends this Monday, April 23rd.  

The illegally stored nuclear bomb production waste and nearby landfill fire at the West Lake Landfill / Bridgeton Landfill Complex are of concern to the entire St. Louis region and beyond.  The EPA has opened a formal Public Comment period that ends this Monday, April 23rd.  Please show them that our community is concerned and wants the best and safest solution for this site by submitting a comment to:

The following ARE NOT included in EPA’s Proposed Remedy.  If you agree with the following, please include them in your comment:

  1. As much of the radioactive material that can be safely removed should be removed.
  2. Since this radioactive material remains radiotoxic for over 9000 years, permanent safeguards must be put in place to protect our community from any radioactive materials left behind.
  3. The St. Louis County Office of Emergency Management and the Pattonville Fire Department should be granted the authority to visit the site at any time and be granted the authority to stop work should they feel the safety of the workers or community is at risk.
  4. EPA must acknowledge that the “effect of errors” has a high likelihood of putting people living within approximately one mile of the site at risk during removal and therefore should relocate them prior to any excavation or field trials.

I can be reached on 636-344-0488 or if you have any questions or would like further information.

Harvey Ferdman, Chair, West Lake Landfill / Bridgeton Landfill Community Advisory Group